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Gammill Conference Weekend – Longarm Classes

Well its over – For 5 months I was waiting and looking forward to this weekend, and now just like that – I can’t believe it but its over.  Lori , her crew and everyone at “Thread Runs Thru it”, did an awesome job planning the Conference.   The Gammill conference was at the Wyndam in Glen Allen Virginia.   The 3 days were long with not very much time between classes, and it was defiantly information overload.   So much to learn about quilting, business and machine maintenance.   Lots of wonderful quilters  from all over and with interesting stories on their road to owning a Gammill Statler  Longarm, and some really awesome instructors.   There were about 15 well known instructors,  with great personalities and very informational, but my two favorite were Patricia Barry and Georgia Stull.

Right now Gammill Statler users are using Creative Studio 6,  but for the conference we were able to use the new Creative Studio 7 (CS7).  No one else has it or has had the chance to use it,  I felt pretty lucky to have had the chance to work with it and to get a glance as to what is coming.  From what we’ve heard it will be coming out soon,  hopefully within the next 30-60 days.    With all the new features  and updates it will really help make quilting and designing a bit easier.   A nice treat was Superior Threads was at the Conference, so we were able to buy all the thread we wanted at wholesale prices.   A good chance to try out some new Superior brands.      Well off to practicing what I’ve learned – Happy quilting.

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