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A Quilting Weekend

What kind of weekend did I have you ask!!!! 

It was a great one – it was just about an all quilting weekend, or quilting related weekend.  I managed to get one UFO completed, it only needed borders – but its been like that for about 2 month so it was about time to get it done and ready for quilting.   I’ll hook it up to the Longarm next weekend.

I also worked on another piecing project, its the disappearing 9 patch.  This is such a fun pattern to do.  Once its all sewn together (the first time), you cut it, and rearrange/sew the blocks back together, it takes on whole new look.  Love that Pattern.  Will post more pictures as that one progresses.

I needed a bit of a break from sewing, so it was cutting time.  My rotary cutter, mat and ruler got a workout.  People ask me what is it about quilting and cutting out all that fabric that I like so much.  To be honest – I’m not sure what it is, its calming and you can sometimes just let your imagination run wild.  I find it to be a time to think about nothing really.  My husband will ask “How much longer are you going to stand there and cut fabric”?  Well honestly – I don’t know!

I managed to get 5 or 6 patterns cut out and in queue for piecing.  One is using all batiks and cutting over 100 strips, but is actually cut rather quickly.  After I sew the strips together, I need to cut them into triangles, that’s when I get to use my new “90 degree Double Strip Quilting ruler”.  It makes cutting out triangles a breeze.  In the picture below I used it to cut another pattern  – and I think it only took about 30 minutes to cut all these out.   The others are the Batiks and next to be pieced and then cut using the strip ruler.

I cut out another pattern from the “Turning Twenty… Again” patterns, By Tricia Cribbs, some of these take abit longer to cut, but they piece together very quickly.  Once you sew together smaller groups of pieces, you then only have 3 major parts of the blocks to sew together to make one block.  And they are all random – so your quilt has a really nice scrappy look to it.  Most of the patterns in these books use fat quarters.   What makes it nice, is if you only have 9 fat quarters that you will only have 9 blocks for a smaller quilt,  20 fat quarters you’ll have 20 blocks.

Along with the other patterns being cut, I also cut out a couple of smaller quilt patterns just using yardage and some new patterns I wanted to try.   This one here is a really nice “free” pattern from MODA, its called “Speedwell Quilt”,  here’s the  link – http://www.modabakeshop.com/2016/02/speedwell-quilt.html.     I used a layer cake   “Nuture” by MODA, and I had in my stash the neutral and the rose to finish out the fabric ingredients.

Overall, this was a pretty productive weekend for quilting.  Now I’m hoping the weather that we’re suppose to be getting actually  happens, come on SNOW – so that way I can get a day to play hooky for work and have a bonus day of quilting.  Now I have a lot of piecing to do!!!!!

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