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Eight years ago I bought my first sewing machine.  At the time I had no grand plan to purchase a longarm quilting machine or start my own business,  it was just to complete some home projects and perhaps make drapes for the house.  However, during my first sewing class, we made a small quilt to learn some of the features of the machine, and that was it –  I was hooked!  At that moment I became part of the quilting family and enjoyed the comadaredry, friendship, and sharing that are the welcoming world of quilting.  During our travels, my husband and I always visit local quilt shops for patterns, fabrics or just share with others in the quilting family our joy of quilting. 
My husband has commented many times (unsolicited) that quilters are always helpful, sharing and seem to be genuinely happy people.  But the one thing he “did” say about me –  was that I was a 90%er!  Always making the quilt top but never getting the final quilting done.  So we talked, and he agreed if I was ever going to get his quilt finished we needed to buy a longarm quilter.  He really really wanted that quilt completed, so we brought Kyrie home.
If you are like me and can identify with the “90% syndrome” let me help get you pick out your thread colors, batting and just the right pattern to bring your projects to life and cure yourself of the infamous “90% syndrome”.

“As I get older I’m always walking into things.  Quilt Shops and fabric store mostly!!!!”




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