Quilt Pricing

Prices are based on PSI (per square inch), length x width of your quilt.  Prices below are estimates just to give you an idea of what it would cost for the size quilt you have.  The total cost will depend on the actual size of your quilt and additional charges.

Edge to Edge starting at $0.02 PSI.   Some quilt patterns are more intense, for those pattens pricing will start at $0.025 PSI.

Quilt Type Size Cost to Quilt Batting Quilt Setup Fee
Crib 45 x 60 $54 $11 $10.00
Twin 72 x90 $130 $31 $12.50
Full 90 x 90 $144 $37 $12.50
Queen 90 x 108 $195 $41 $15.00
King 108 x 114 $247 $47 $15.00

Batting is retail price for packaged sizes, and is shown above.    I use and have in stock Warm Company Warm and White.   You can supply your own batting, but please provide a high quality, low loft batting.  There are certain types that are fragile and just don’t work with my machine and I cannot use them.  Please ask me before sending your own batting.  If you require Black batting please let me know in advance so I can order it.

Quilt Set up Fee – $10.00 – $15.00 per quilt and is shown above – this cost includes pattern selection and sizing, attaching/basting to Longarm frame, new needle and 2 bobbins of thread.  The Quilt set up fee is based on the sizes above – Crib is $10.00, Twin/Full is $12.50 and Queen/King is $15.00.

Bobbin Charge – $1.50 per bobbin charge after the first 2 included.  Some patterns are very thread intensive and require additional bobbins.

Backing– I have Premium Muslin if you would like for me to make a back.  The price is $13.00 per yard, that includes the fabric/cutting/piecing/seaming.

Binding – Price is $0.35 PLI (per linear inch) – This includes cutting strips, joining strips, machine sewing binding to the front of the quilt, and hand sewing binding to back.  Or for $0.18 PLI, I will cut strips, join strips and machine sew to the front of the quilt, and leave the hand sewing to the back for you.

Patterns – I have a wide variety of quilting patterns.  I have loops, circles, swirls, feathers, animals, holidays, meanders, moderns and so on.    I wish I had them all, but it would almost be impossible.   If you don’t find a pattern in my library, there are sites to find patterns.  For new patterns purchased there will be a $12.00 charge.


After your quilt has been quilted, if you’d like I will trim off the excess backing and batting.  Please let me know ahead of time,  and also if you’d like your scraps back.

I use high quality OMNI threads by Superior, and have a wide variety of colors.