My Quilitng Journey

My Longarm Quilting Journey!!!!

My road to quilting hasn’t been all that long. I started quilting back in 2009 and immediately fell in love with it.   I wanted a new sewing machine, it was suppose to be just to make things for around the house like curtains and pillows.  I bought my machine at Joanns, it’s a Viking and I just love it.  I went back to the store to take a few classes on how use my new machine, and the first class was for a quilting pattern – the “Disappearing nine patch”.  Well after that class I was hooked on quilting.  I had made quite a few quilts, well mostly tops – at the time that was what I really liked doing.  I liked finding new patterns and fabrics and just seeing how they go together.  According to my husband, I was considered a 90%er, only doing tops and never completing a quilt. Eventually I starting sending them off to a Longarm quilter to be quilted, shortly after that I realized that I wanted to do them myself. It took me a few years and a lot of thought but I finally made the decision to take the leap and buy a Gammill Statler Longarm Machine.  My longarm is named “Kyrie” and she loves to quilt.  Now I’m sewing or quilting just about everyday, either for me or someone else, driving my husband crazy sometimes – I have to say he really is very understanding about it and he is my biggest cheerleader.  But I need to sew and piece more so that I can quilt more. Its a never ending cycle. But I love it!!!! And talk about the fabric stash – That’s for another day.

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